Markus Koller

Badstraße 20

4722 Peuerbach - Austria

Tel. +43 664 73145754


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Markus Koller - songwriter, composer, producer, guitarist ... 

... but unfortunately no singer! So Markus Koller has specialized in writing, composing and arranging songs & instrumental music of  various styles for professional singers and bands, as well as for commercials, websites, film and television.

In order to create expressive pre-productions out of his mad musical brainwaves, MK cooperates with different fabulous guest-musicians and several talented creative singers, who complete his instrumental basic ideas by the vocal interpretation of  his words. In this way MKīs recording studio is a birthplace of unique music of different styles and sounds.  

But hundreds of his lyrics and compositions still wait to be arranged, produced and interpreted musically. Possibly by you or for you? Donīt hesitate to contact MK, if you are interested in his music or his lyrics.


Currently, MK is working on some new songs, so further sound-samples will already soon be published at this site. By this way, thanks to all singers and musicians for excellent teamwork!


Now itīs time to introduce MKīs various styles of  lyrics and music to you. - Enjoy it!


MK is a member of AKM - Austria